In terms of section 75 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act ("the Act") CM Value Added Services has designated the Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) as an agent to receive notifications of infringements as defined in Section 77 of the Act.

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In this agreement, unless inconsistent with or otherwise indicated by the context:

• “accessory price” means the price of any accessories to the equipment as set out in the service application form;
• “the / this agreement” means the agreement as set out herein together with the service application from and / or any annexure attached thereto which have been initialled by the parties hereto;
• “cellular phone” means the cellular telephone apparatus together with all additions and accessories thereto, as specified in the service application form;
• “CMVAS” means CM Value Added Services (Proprietary) Limited (Registration number: 2004/003828/07);
• “THE CHARGES” MEANS THE AGGREGATE OF ALL CHARGES, INCLUDING THE MONTHLY ACCESS CHARGE, PAYABLE BY THE Customer to CMVAS arising from the supply of equipment and / or the provision of services as published and amended from time to time by CMVAS;
• “Customer” means the Customer specified in the service application form and if more than one person, such persons shall be jointly and severally liable;
• “delivery” means delivery of the cellular phone and / or router and / or other apparatus supplied by CMVAS to the Customer;
• “equipment” means the cellular phone and / or router apparatus and / or other apparatus specified in the service application form;
• “initial period” means the period stipulated in the service application form;
• “installation” means installation of the cellular phone and / or router and / or other apparatus in the product / service at the Customer’s premises stipulated on the service application form;
• “monthly access charge” means the monthly charge for being connected to the system;
• “product / service” means any product / service specified in the service application form, in which the fixed line, cellular and / or data instrument and / or other apparatus is to be installed;
• “the service application form” means the document constituting an order by the Customer for the provision of the services and, if applicable, the supply of the equipment to the Customer by CMVAS;
• “the regulatory authority” means the relevant regulatory authority vested with the power and authority in terms of the Post Office Act, 1958, as amended, (or any Act which replaces it) to regulate the operation of the system and any similar system in the Republic of South Africa;
• ”router” means the voice and / or data least cost routing apparatus together with all additions and accessories thereto, as specified in the service application form;
• “the services” means:
• a basic telecommunications service providing one or two-way communication of speech by fixed line, data and/or wireless telegraphy via the system, and such other additional telecommunications services CMVAS may in its sole discretion choose to make available from time to time by means of the system; and/or
• the sale and delivery to the Customer and the installation of the equipment, if applicable, by CMVAS ;
• “other apparatus” means any other equipment or hardware which is required to be delivered and /or installed and / or made available to the Customer by CMVAS for the purposes of CMVAS fulfilling its obligations to deliver the products / services requested by the Customer in the service application form.

The clause headings in this agreement have been inserted for convenience only and shall not be taken into account in its interpretation. This agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

Words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa and words importing any one gender include the other genders.

If any provision in any of the aforesaid definitions is a substantive provision conferring rights or imposing obligations on any party, then notwithstanding that such provision is contained in the “interpretation” clause of this agreement, effect shall be given to such provision as if it were a substantive provision in the body of this agreement.


Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, CMVAS shall:

• connect and maintain the connection of the equipment to the system; and
• use its reasonable endeavours to ensure that the services are made available to the Customer throughout the subsistence of this agreement.


Subject to the provisions of clause 19, this agreement shall commence on the date of activation of the services provided for in the service application form and shall continue for the initial period and thereafter indefinitely until terminated by either party hereto giving not less than 90 (ninety) days written notice to the other.


Whilst CMVAS shall make every reasonable effort to meet the installation date set out on the order form, it is recorded that the date provided is a provisional date only and CMVAS shall not be responsible for any consequences of delay nor be liable for any damages (including consequential damages), costs or expenses whatsoever which the Customer may incur or suffer if installation on such date is not met by subject thereto that actual installation shall not be later than 90 (ninety) days from said provisional date. Failing installation the Customer shall have the right to cancel this agreement in writing in which event neither party shall have any claim against the other party.

The Customer shall allow CMVAS and / or its approved representatives to carry out such work to the product / service as is necessary to effect installation and hereby indemnifies CMVAS, its directors, employees, agents and / or approved representatives against all damage, liability, loss, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by such entities in doing so as well as against any claims of whatsoever nature that the Customer might have against CMVAS as a result thereof.


Signature of a delivery or installation note shall constitute proof of delivery by CMVAS to the Customer of the products and / or installation of the service described in such delivery note.

By its signature to the delivery note, the Customer shall be deemed to have inspected the products and such signature shall constitute proof that the products were delivered in a good and proper condition.


All risk of loss or damage to the equipment shall pass to the Customer upon its delivery to the Customer or upon installation, whichever is the earliest.

Ownership of the equipment shall, notwithstanding delivery thereof to the Customer, at all times remain vested in CMVAS


The Customer shall pay the charges to CMVAS without any set-off or deduction, within a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of CMVAS’s invoice in respect thereof.

The Customer hereby acknowledges that should any amount not be paid on due date, the full amount owing to CMVAS shall immediately become due and payable without any notice of whatsoever nature, not withstanding that any amount may, as at that date, not yet be due. The Customer shall pay interest on all overdue amounts at a rate of 3% (three percent) above the prime overdraft rate charged by Standard Bank from time to time.


The charges set out in any price list issued by CMVAS are exclusive of Value Added Tax.

The Customer shall be liable for and shall pay the amount of Value Added Tax payable from time to time in respect of this agreement, or any other form of tax that may be imposed and be payable in place of such Value Added Tax, or in addition thereto.


The Customer shall not be entitled to set off any amount/s that may be owing to him by CMVAS against any amount he owes or may owe CMVAS in terms of this agreement.


CMVAS shall have the right at any time to revise the charges by publishing an amended tariff, such variation to take effect 30 (thirty) days after written notice unless otherwise stipulated therein.

CMVAS reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of this agreement at its sole discretion, if such variation is required pursuant to new legislation, Government regulations or a variation of the terms of any licences granted to CMVAS. CMVAS shall notify the Customer of any such variation in writing.


The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

• the quality of the services provided by CMVAS and the coverage available to the Customer shall be limited to that provided by the system and may be affected by factors beyond CMVAS’s control;
• it shall not hold CMVAS, any of its employees, directors or agents liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the unavailability of the system and that CMVAS shall not be liable for any indirect, contingent or consequential loss of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising.


To ensure compliance with statutory and / or other regulatory provisions relating to the provision and use of the services, the Customer undertakes to:

• comply with any reasonable instructions issued by CMVAS which relate to the Customer’s use of the services, the equipment or related matters;
• provide CMVAS with all such necessary information that CMVAS may reasonably require; and
• only use equipment which is approved by CMVAS in writing for use with the system.


CMVAS shall be entitled to suspend the services, and, in CMVAS’s discretion disconnect the equipment from the system under any of the following circumstances:

• during any technical failure, modification or maintenance of the system, provided that CMVAS will use its reasonable endeavours to procure the resumption of the services as soon as reasonably practicable; or
• if the Customer fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this agreement (including failure to pay any charges due) until the breach (if capable of remedy) is remedied; or
• if the Customer does, or allows to be done, anything which in CMVAS’s reasonable opinion may have negatively affected the operation of the services.

Notwithstanding any suspension of the services in terms of this clause 13, the Customer shall remain liable for all charges due hereunder throughout the period of suspension.

The Customer hereby indemnifies CMVAS against any liability, loss, cost or damage suffered by the Customer or other person resulting from the suspension / disconnection of the services and / or system.

CMVAS shall be entitled in its sole and absolute discretion, having regard to the circumstances resulting in the suspension or disconnection, charge a reasonable fee for the disconnection or reconnection of the equipment to the system.


The Customer shall not have any claim against CMVAS arising from any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations caused by an act of force majeure such as acts of God, fire, flood, strike, shortage of utilities, Government action, laws or regulators, defaults, delays or discontinuance on the part of suppliers of goods and services, or on the part of independent contractors, or other circumstances or factors beyond the reasonable control of CMVAS, and to the extent that the performance of obligations of CMVAS hereunder, is delayed by virtue of the aforegoing, any period stipulated for any such performance shall be extended.


CMVAS gives no warranties, representations, guarantees or undertakings expressed or implied, concerning the equipment and / or the services. Neither CMVAS, nor its holding company, any of its subsidiaries, subcontractors, employees, affiliates or agents shall be liable to the Customer or responsible for any liability, loss, cost or damage of whatsoever nature or whosoever arising in consequence of any act or omission by CMVAS, its holding company, its subsidiaries, sub-contractors, employees, affiliates or agents in the supply or failure of the equipment and / or the services or otherwise, irrespective of whether such loss or damage is attributable to the fault or negligence of CMVAS, its holding company, its subsidiaries, sub-contractors, employees, affiliates or agents.

The Customer hereby indemnifies CMVAS and shall keep CMVAS indemnified at all times against any liability, loss, cost or damage suffered by CMVAS resulting from any action, proceeding or claim made by the Customer and / or any other third party against CMVAS resulting from the installation and / or the provision of the services or the omission to install and / provide the services, including such damage or loss arising as a result of CMVAS’s negligence.

Subject to the aforegoing provisions of this clause 15, the liability of CMVAS, whether in contract, delict or otherwise, shall not exceed a sum equal to the monthly access charge payable at the date of the claim multiplied by a factor of 10 (ten).


A statement signed by a manager of CMVAS, whose appointment it shall not be necessary to prove, specifying the amounts due, owing and payable by the Customer in terms of this agreement, from time to time, shall be binding on the Customer and prima facie proof of its contents, and shall constitute a liquid document for the purposes of summary judgment or provisional sentence.


The Customer and the surety/ies hereby consent in terms of section 45(1) of the Magistrate’s Court Act No 32 of 1944, as amended, in respect of any proceedings which may be instituted against it and / or them by CMVAS arising out of or in connection with this agreement, to the jurisdiction of any Magistrate’s Court which at the time of the proceedings has jurisdiction over it in terms of section 28(1) of the Magistate’s Courts” Act.

Notwithstanding the aforegoing, the Customer and the surety/ies specifically agree that CMVAS may in its discretion disregard the aforegoing and institute proceedings arising out of or in connection with this agreement in the High Court having jurisdiction.


CMVAS shall be entitled to cede, assign or otherwise transfer any of its rights, interests or obligations under and in terms of this agreement without prior notice to or the written consent of the Customer.

The Customer shall not be entitled to cede, assign, transfer, encumber or delegate any of its rights or obligations in terms of this agreement to any third party without CMVAS’s prior written consent.


In the event that the Customer breaches any term of this agreement, then without prejudice to CMVAS’s other rights in terms of this agreement or in law, CMVAS shall have the right to terminate this agreement forthwith by notice if:

• the Customer fails to pay any amount owing to CMVAS on due date and fails to make such payment within 7 (seven) days of receipt of written demand thereof from CMVAS;
• the Customer is unable to pay its debts, commits any act of insolvency as described in the Insolvency Act, 1936, or application is made for the surrender, sequestration, liquidation or winding-up of its estate or if CMVAS anticipates that any of the events as set out in this clause 19.1 are imminent;
• if the Customer does or allows to be done anything which in CMVAS’s opinion will or may have the effect of negatively affecting the operation of the services, and fails to remedy such breach within 7 (seven) days of receipt of written demand to that effect from CMVAS; or
• the Customer commits a breach of any of the terms or conditions of this agreement other than those in clauses 19.1.1 to 19.1.3 and fails to remedy such breach within 7 (seven) days after dispatch of a notice by CMVAS to the Customer requesting the Customer to remedy such breach.

Upon termination of this agreement for any reason whatsoever, CMVAS shall disconnect the equipment from the system and remove it.


The Customer hereby chooses as its domicillim citandi et executandi the address recorded on the order form / service application form. CMVAS hereby chooses as its domicillim citandi et executandi the following address:

P.O. Box 310
Gallo Manor
Fax: 0866 548 888

Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, any notice to be given to either party shall be valid and effective only if it is given in writing, provided that any notice given by e-mail or telefax shall be regarded for this purpose as having been given in writing.

Any notice which is delivered by hand to either party at the address referred to in clause 20.1 shall be deemed to have been received on the day of delivery, provided it was delivered to a responsible person during normal business hours.

Any notice which is sent by telefax to either party at the telefax number referred to in clause 20.1 shall be deemed to have been received on the first business day following transmission.


The Customer consents to CMVAS or its cessionary making enquiries about the Customer’s credit record with any credit reference agency and any other party to confirm the details provided in the service application form. CMVAS or its cessionary may also provide credit reference agencies with regular updates regarding how the Customer manages its account including their failure to meet agreed terms and conditions.


This agreement shall be read in conjunction with the service application form and any other annexure attached hereto. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions contained in the service application form, this agreement and any annexures, the terms and conditions of this agreement shall prevail.

The terms and conditions of this agreement and the service application form constitute the entire agreement between the parties and shall supercede all representations, proposals or prior agreements, oral or written and all other communications between the parties relating thereto.


In the event of any one or more of these terms and conditions being unenforceable, it shall be severable and divisible from the remainder of this agreement and if unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, that term and / or condition shall not affect the validity of the remainder of this agreement which will nevertheless be binding and enforceable.


In the event of CMVAS having to refer the matter to its attorneys for collection of any overdue moneys or for any claim whatsoever, the Customer undertakes to bear and be liable for all legal charges incurred by CMVAS and between CMVAS and its own attorneys and shall be further liable for collection charges payable by CMVAS to its attorneys and for any tracing charges and other disbursements incurred by CMVAS in tracing or endeavouring to trace the Customer or the equipment.


The Customer consents to and authorises CMVAS or its agents to:

• Contact, request and obtain information at any time from any past or present credit provider (or potential credit provider), trade supplier or registered credit bureau in order to assess the behaviour, profile, payment patterns, indebtedness, whereabouts and credit worthiness of the Customer. The Customer further authorises and instructs the said sources to supply CMVAS with such information upon request.
• Provide information about the behaviour, profile, payment patterns, indebtedness, whereabouts and credit worthiness of the Customer to any credit provider (or potential credit provider), trade supplier or registered credit bureau seeking a trade reference regarding the customer’s dealings with CMVAS.

1. Thank you for taking the time to review our Privacy Policy. At times, CM Value Added Services will collect certain personal information about customers and visitors to websites hosted by us. Such information will include both identifiable personal data, as well as non-identifiable personal information. Identifiable personal information will be collected when you sign a contract for service with us, or use our website for a transaction or subscription service. Non-identifiable information is gathered automatically when you visit our website or those websites hosted by us, and stored for use in our system.

2. The purpose of this privacy policy is to explain to customers what types of information we will collect and how that information is used. In most cases, we collect this information to ensure network integrity and that we continue to provide you with the most relevant content and best possible service that suits your needs. In some cases, we are required by law to collect personal information about customers. Except where the law requires otherwise, we undertake to protect the confidentiality of such data.


3. CM Value Added Services respects customer privacy and the privacy of those accessing our website, or those websites hosted by us. We undertake to protect the confidentiality of our customers and users including all personal information supplied in the course of contracting with us for services. We undertake not to sell your personal information to third parties for commercial or marketing purposes.


4. CM Value Added Services collects personal data about our users when you visit a website hosted by us; apply for a service subscription through the use of cookie (see note below) technology. We may also combine information about you that we have withinformation we obtain from our business partners or affiliates.

Note : A cookie is a data file that sits on your computer hardisk. The cookie is placed there by a remote web server that you have visited using a browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer.

It is used to uniquely identify you during web interactions with a website and contains data parameters that allow the remote HTML server to keep a record of who you are, and what actions you take at the remote web site. You have the option to disable the cookie function in your browser, but will be restricted from accessing many sites as a result.


5. CM Value Added Services may on occasion use your personal information to contact you about promotional offers; advise you of matters relevant to service provision and in some cases, solicit your feedback. However, CM Value Added Services will provide you with an option within every communication to opt out of receiving any communications of this nature or you can contact our customer services representatives to ensure that you do not receive such promotional information, at 086 111 2 333.

6. CM Value Added Services may log the websites you visit; collect IP addresses and information about your operating system and the type of browser you use for the purposes of network/system administrations, and to audit the use of our website. This data however will not be used to identify individual users who will at all times remain anonymous.

7. Any information CM Value Added Services collects from you through correspondence with us, whether via e-mail, telephonically or by written letter, will only be used to address the matters within that correspondence. If this requires referring such correspondence within CM Value Added Services or to a third party to ensure customer service, your personal information will only be disclosed to the point necessary to address your query or concerns, and will otherwise be kept confidential.

PUBLIC SPACE (Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms and Third-Party Sites)

8. Any information that customers disclose in a public space, including on any bulletin board, chat room or any site CM Value Added Services may host for you, is available to anyone else who visits that space. CM Value Added Services cannot safeguard any information you disclose there.


9. CM Value Added Services will not enter into a service subscription contract with a minor unless such minor has explicit written consent from a parent or guardian to do so. CM Value Added Services undertakes not to contact minors about promotional offers or for marketing purposes without a parental consent.


10. CM Value Added Services reserves the right to disclose information about customers where required in good faith, to do so by law or to exercise our legal rights or defend ourselves against legal claims.

11. CM Value Added Services further reserves the right to share information with law enforcement to investigate or prevent illegal activities being committed over our network.

12. CM Value Added Services reserves our rights to disclose your personal information where you have given us explicit legal written consent to do so.

13. CM Value Added Services reserves the right to monitor user and network traffic for site security purposes and prevent any unauthorized attempts to tamper with our site or cause damage to our property.

14. CM Value Added Services reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy or update it. Where a major change is made, customers will be informed by e-mail notification or through a notice on our website. Customers and site visitors bear the responsibility to ensure that they have read the changes or updates as the case may be.

The purpose of this document is to provide an understanding of CM Value Added Services’ Acceptable Use Policy. This policy serves to define the accepted behavior of users on CM Value Added Services’ (CMVAS) network. This allows CMVAS to:

• Maintain & protect the integrity and quality of the CMVAS internet service.
• Protect their customers and infrastructure from abuse.
• Adhere to the current laws and regulations governing organisations and service providers in the countries that they operate in.
• Co-exist within the global internet community as a responsible service provider.
• Specify to clients and users of our service what activities and online behavior are considered an unacceptable use of the service.
• Specify the consequences that will follow such prohibited activities.


CM Value Added Services’ premium connectivity is for ‘legitimate’ enterprise usage and does NOT cater for downloading of non-enterprise data.

This includes, but is not limited to:

• Torrents & Any Peer-to-Peer Downloads
• Games
• Music
• Movies


Any activity which threatens the functioning, security and/or integrity of the CMVAS network is unacceptable. This includes:

• Any activity which threatens to disrupt the service offered by CMVAS through flooding of the network or overloading a service or any unauthorized probes of other networks.
• Any activity which in any way threatens the security of the network by knowingly posting, transmitting, linking to or distributing any information or software which contains a virus, trojan horse, worm, lock, mail bomb, cancelbot or any other harmful, destructive or disruptive component.
• Any unsolicited mass emailing activity including email marketing, spam and chain mail for commercial or other purposes, without the consent of the recipients of those mails. Sending Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE/SPAM)

The use of the CMVAS network to send any unauthorized bulk e-mail or SPAM is strictly prohibited. This is an abuse of resources and is regarded as unacceptable use of the CMVAS network. CMVAS clients should never to reply to SPAM, as this will only confirm that the email address is in use and will lead to more SPAM being received.

CMVAS clients must secure their mail servers against open SMTP relay – using a mail server to forward e-mails to other servers without their permission – to protect both themselves and other users. Unsecured mail servers can be abused by dishonest people to deliver SPAM.

CMVAS is entitled to check clients' mail servers for open relay at any time to see if they appear to be delivering SPAM.

The results of a check will be given to the client, and they will have a reasonable period to fix the problem before their address will be cancelled.

Action following breach of the AUP

In the event of a user being identified to be guilty of any of the above transgressions, the following steps may be taken by CMVAS to ensure no issues are encountered with integrity, stability and quality of the network:

• The identified IP address will be re-routed over a contended internet pipe, which will provide much slower speeds, during business hours.
• If the case becomes severe, the identified IP address will be suspended and no network access will be provided during the suspension.

Any one or more of the steps listed above may be taken by CMVAS, against the offending party, when they are deemed necessary.
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